PCAP Primary Care Associate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of direct patient care (DPC) experience will be accepted for the program?
Direct patient care may involve many aspects of the health care of a patient. Typically, the care requires “hands on” or face to face contact with patients and involves treatments, performing physicals, taking vitals, diagnosing illnesses. In order to provide this type of care you will need some type of training, education or licensure.

Do you really need to meet the 3,000 hour DPC requirement?
Yes, 3,000 DPC hours are required and applications submitted with out the 3,000 DPC hours will be incomplete.

Can Elementary Algebra be accepted in lieu of Intermediate Algebra?
No, Elementary Algebra will not be accepted.

Can a higher level math course satisfy the Intermediate Algebra requirement?
Yes, a higher level math course, such as Statistics or Calculus, will meet the Intermediate Algebra requirement.

How lenient are you when it comes to the application deadline?
We do not accept any applications past the application deadline.

How many people apply to the program each year?
We receive several hundred applications every year.

How many applicants are accepted into the program each year?
We accept up to 50 students each year.

Do you need a degree to apply to the program?
A degree is not needed in order to apply to the program but the General Education (GE) requirements must be completed in order to apply.

How do I know if I meet the G.E. requirements? (For applicants without academic degrees)
If you are unsure if you have met the GE requirements, please meet with a college counselor to review your transcripts. Typically students meet with counselors from the school where they have taken the majority of their classes. If you would like to meet with a Foothill College counselor, please fill out an application to Foothill College (Free) and schedule an appointment with them. (650)949-7423

Can I send in my transcripts to have a counselor review them prior to the application deadline?
If you would like to meet with a Foothill College counselor, please fill out an application to Foothill College (Free) and schedule an appointment with them. (650)949-7423

Does G.P.A. really matter when applying to the program?
Yes, there are many areas of the application that are evaluated and the GPA is one of those areas.

Do my military course credits count toward the program prerequisites?
We only accept coursework from Regionally Accredited schools. You will need to meet with a college counselor to have your coursework evaluated.
Do course credits taken outside of the US count toward the program prerequisites?
Yes, but you will need to have your transcripts evaluated and Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology must be completed in the US. Also, English in most countries is considered a foreign language course and this will not be accepted.

When does A & P and Microbiology need to be completed by?
All pre-requisites need to be completed by the application deadline.

How old can my coursework be? Do we have time limits on coursework?
There is no time limit on how current your coursework needs to be. We do recommend that Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology be taken within the last 5 years.

Will veterinary experience satisfy the DPC requirement?
No, the DPC requirement must involve the whole human body.

How long is the program?
The program is 21 months.

Can you tell me more about the MMS program? Who qualifies? How much more time?
The Masters of Medical Science Degree is a joint program between the PA program and St Francis University. You need to already have a BA degree upon acceptance into the PA program. After the 2nd quarter is completed, you can enroll into the MA program and you will need to complete 4 additional online courses and complete the PA program to receive the Masters in Medical Science.

What is the best way to find housing in the area?
Housing within the Stanford dorms is not available to PA students. Students are responsible for securing their own housing. A good resource for housing near campus can be found by networking with current students or online at:

Do you offer financial aid assistance?
Yes, financial aid is offered through Foothill College, (650)949-7425.

I want to make a career change. I don’t have any medical experience. What should I do?
The clinical experience is one of the main criteria’s that are evaluated. All of the students that are accepted into the program have already been working in the medical field in some capacity as a health professional. In order to gain these experiences you must finish some type of program or training. The EMT route is a good way for someone with no experience to get started. Keep in mind that the 3000 hours are evaluated on how much time and responsibility you have with the patient. Therefore, health professions such as physical therapists and RN’s are more competitive than EMT’s and CNA’s.

I’m interested in visiting the facility. Can I attend class with the students?
Unfortunately, due to the fact that our students are constantly moving between their preceptors and Stanford, we do not always have classes here at Stanford. Also, we don't allow people who aren't part of the program to sit in classes because of liability issues. Nevertheless, you're more than welcome to visit the general Stanford campus, but, unfortunately, there's not much of our program that we can show you. We hold informational sessions several times throughout the year, where we go over our program and attendees are given the opportunity to have their questions answered and meet current and past students. These info sessions are typically held in the classrooms where PA’s attend class.

When will I know if I am going to qualify for a validation?
Once applications are evaluated letters are sent via US postal service.

I completed a one semester course for Anatomy and Physiology, will this work?
No, combination A&P courses must equal 8 semester units or 12 to 15 quarter units and they must include labs


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