PCAP Primary Care Associate Program

Schedule for Admissions Information Sessions

Dates, Times and Locations are subject to change, so please refer back to this page before attending. (last updated 10/2/14)

All prospective applicants are encouraged to attend one of the following information sessions at Stanford or, for community-based admission, in Kern County, the Salinas area or the San Diego area. Each information session will cover the following topics: the program's goals, curriculum, academic and clinical prerequisites, and admissions process. No RSVP required for these sessions.

Held at Stanford

Workshops will resume in May 2015


Community-Based Admission Information Sessions

In addition to general program information, these sessions will present the community-based admission and training processes.

California Satellite Areas- Bakersfield, Humboldt, Imperial, Salinas, San Diego, Ventura


Northern California
For prospective applicants from Northern California.


Humboldt County
For prospective applicants from Humboldt County only.


Central Valley
For prospective applicants from Central Valley only.


Kern County
For prospective applicants from Kern County only.


Salinas Area
For prospective applicants from Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties only.


Los Angeles / Ventura / San Diego / Imperial Counties:
For prospective applicants from these Counties only.


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