PCAP Primary Care Associate Program

Application Request and Process

All applications are prescreened to determine that clinical and academic prerequisites have been met.  Complete applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  Based on this review, selected applicants will be invited to a validation session. Final class selection is made after the validation session. Frequently, the most competitive applicants are those that have surpassed the minimum academic and clinical requirements.  Feedback to unsuccessful applicants is limited because of staff availability.  Confidentiality issues prohibit giving feedback by telephone.

A background screening will be conducted, if you are accepted into the Program.



PA Application Deadline update    The application deadline for this year will be September 1, 2014. Due to an unforeseen issue, the application deadline of August 18 has been changed to September 1, 2014. Classes for this admissions cycle will begin in June/July 2015. (Please be advised that the application deadline for 2015 will be moved to the month of August)

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